Meet The G12 Team

Jesse Green
Lead Editor
Guy Hartman-Cocco
Creative Director

Jesse Green and Guy Hartman-Cocco met while being involved in a college project for their film class started by writing a script for a short film with a duration of 5-15 minutes. Guy had written a script titled "Number 12" and expertly pitched the idea to the class. Jesse had the option to join the group and made the correct decision. A 15 minute short was filmed and edited in under a week and was a huge success. The amount of enjoyment and learning they had from this drove their ambitions to move onto bigger projects in film production. Over the next several years, Guy and Jesse continued to produce films as a hobby and passion, continuing to learn not just the art of filmmaking, but also the business behind it. In the summer of 2019, their short film titled "A Hell of Heaven" won first place audience choice at the Shortz! Film Festival in Chico, CA.

Today, G12 Video Productions is an award winning video production business serving the greater Sacramento, CA area. We each have over five years of video production experience and look forward to continuing to learn and improve our craft even more, each and every day.


Our focus is increasing your sales or demographic exposure while telling your story through high quality 4K video and audio visuals. We create and shoot promotional business and marketing videos, live events, and short documentaries. If you’re curious about our work, have any video in mind, or have any questions, feel free to contact us below. Have a great rest of your day, from the G12 team!


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